Open Letter to Mr. Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay



Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay,

Commissioner of Police,

Sholapur, Maharashtra,




Dear Sir,


I write this letter to you with regard to the speech you delivered sometime back regarding Islam and peace. It was deeply inspiring and truly an awakening for all of us, especially Muslims of India. Your effort in promoting peace and scientific approach towards religion is commendable. Personally, as an Indian Muslim, I felt privileged to watch your speech and would definitely like to promote your message to as many people as possible.

I would like to express my gratitude for your efforts. I would pray to God for you and your family’s success in all frontiers of life. 

Keep the fires of truth and peace alive, it is much needed in this dark world.


Mohammed Abubakr.






16 thoughts on “Open Letter to Mr. Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay

    • sanjay

      hi jafar
      every religion teach us to love each other and spread peace’
      mr. bhushan studied islam and told the truth about this
      but you muslim didnt get actual what he said he is appreciating and taught that follow real thing that you muslim are not following. they are fighting for tne name of islam and spreading terrorism. i know that you are not one of them. but many of muslim think that if someonre say that islam is good then you people start saying that our religion is good. what is it showing. just think about it .
      and one importent thingh which i would like to say that mr. bhusan is a hindu and he knows the truth of his religion. if you want to know about hinduism just read the study material on the website of ramkrishnamission.

      • Tausif Khan

        Mr .sanjay.
        we don’t have to express or clarify that which religion is the best and truth.
        as u r seeing that respected Mr.Bhusan is a non muslim person and a non muslim is only from his mouth discussing the truth abt Muslim religion.

        I will not suggest u to study the holy books.
        u just have to go to a perfect pandit and asked him to give lesson on Geeta .
        just try to learn,and know each and every line of Geeta .with page no and shlok no.
        and take a simple look of Quran.
        and the day u ll walk on The path of Geeta on that day u will become a perfect Muslim.

        and for your kind information there is no religion named HInDu.

      • Pallav Arora

        Hi folks,
        We hindus know as much of as muslims themselves din’tknow. You muslims are our beloved brothers whose ancestors have depraved of their own faith and forsaked own religion due to either compromise or to avoid decimation. I really feel for all muslims brothers who had been converted to Islam due to xyz reason. Islam basically is an extream radical thinking which we have been seeing for last 1000 years. Muhammad himself killed many innocent people on the name of Allah. The humanity is not going to forgive such a dark religion ever.

        All good people should abonded Islam and rejoin with Hindutv.

  1. Syed Rasheed

    After lessoning you 5 parts speach on website, I feel proud to be born indian,where find people like you who understand ISLAM. Millions of thanks to you.Allah bless you and your family.

    Syed A. Rasheed

  2. ranaimran

    Guys I am muslim alhamdolillah. Let him be whoever he is. Dont push him to become muslim. if he is to do this Allah will give him the power or intent to do so.

  3. harbat

    Dear Bushan Ji,
    So happy to see your Clip, and love to hear more from you, about teaching of Islam So i can Share with my Muslim Friends.

    I will also like to share that at the Bottom of each Religion is the same Truth, so change of religion is we are limit to Allah / God / Wahguru / Bhagwan , So if you may talk about the Truth Using all Religion Teaching, and Talk about the Peace , Love and Harmony, ALL MIGHTY THE ONLY ONE MAY BLESS ALL.


  4. Patel

    Dear Mr Upadhyay

    Very impressed with you noble speech to keep the communities united.

    Officer ! Hat is off for you speech !

    Well Done !

    I just wish india will have few more like yourself.

    Mr Chopra(satish)

    I agree with you.. india is the best example for multiculturalism( a successfull one). All is not lost. united we stand divided we fall

    To My Muslim Brothers

    . The Almighty Allah said.. ‘ i don’t need you if you don’t follow the commandments that have been conveyed upon you and it is not impossible for me (if you don’t follow the commandments) then i will create such souls from the non-Muslims to covey the prophet’s message across’. So my brothers and sisters where are we going wrong? Are we honest enough in our daily business? Do we keep our gaze (eyes) down when a woman pass near by? Are we polite enough when talk to people? Are we kind to the elders (old), kind to the children, respect women? If answer is no then, my brother and sisters we need to go back to our root of religion- that is our beloved prophet has taught us!

  5. hidayt

    dear sir bhusankumarssaheb

    jai hind i think you are true son of india, thats why as good human beeing you very honestly can give such true and sweet speach, becuse only we indian have only such honesty and big heart,

    Officer ! Hat is off for you speech !

    just we have lots officer like you sir, but now we need politician like your honest human beeing…………

    ones agian thanks lots and lot respect ……. pray to allah give your great succusess in your life


    Great Thinking, good for secularism and especially in a COUNTRY like INDIA and TIME like today’s
    Well taught us too to follow our religion accordingly.

  7. Abdul Quadir

    Assalam Alaikum. I rly imprsd with you bhushan sir. And Allah aapko hidayet de aap apne logo ko islam se judi bate btaye Insah Allah..
    Allah Hafiz.
    Abdul Quadir

  8. Dear Bhushan,

    Hidayath is also a blessing of God. Kindly think freely. No compulsion. As you aware, the first revelation to the Prophet Mohamed ( Peace be upon him ) was to “Read”. Knowledge is the base. Serve the Society ( Manava seva is Madhava Seva ). Serve the country, the country of ” unity in diversity “. I hope we may meet personally.

    May God bless you and your family, our family.

    Abdunnafih ( )

  9. Habibur Rahman Advocate

    Greetings to u Sir,
    Those who believe in Mighty Power (and that is one and only one and none other than Him, who created the entire universe and all the creatures, and who knows every secret, when there was nothing there was He and when there will be nothing He will be there, He is in every heart and soul) never be at fault and live in peace.
    For the guidance and correction of mankind he sent messengers from time to time among the people and gave them the Rules/Laws/Traditions in the form of Divine Revelations/Books whether he is Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Shri Buddha, Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham, Braham-Brahamin), Hazrat Eisa (Jesus) and the last one is Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).
    After Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) there will be no Messenger with Revelation/Book but the Scared and Good People will be continued like Shri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekanand, Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, Guru Nanak, Shri Sai Baba etc. to remind the people that Mighty is the one and only one and to describe goods and bad and to fight against the evils in society.
    As, with the passage of time there happened some human interference in the earlier Holy Books as per their conveniences and gradually errors occurred and therefore we found some scientific errors in those Holy Books and therefore lastly for the guidance of entire humanity till the end of this Existence The Almighty revealed Holy Quran with the promise that “No change in it is possible because He himself will protect it” and for this reason not a single point in this Book is changed even after the passage of about 1500 years which was not the case with earlier Books.
    But it is a matter of great wariness that the most persons under the brand of Muslim have left the teachings of Quran and even they do not desire to know what is there in Quran and what Quran preaches and for this reason involved in all the wrong deeds and claim themselves Muslim just by name. Some are people who became the Muslims just by the accident of Birth in the Muslim family and their entire life pass contrary to Quran and Hadith.
    Let us invite entire mankind to read and understand what is there in Quran and what Quran preaches and thereafter will decide whether to follow those lessons of Quran or not.
    Let us examine whether the persons under the Brand of Muslim are the real followers of Quran and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) OR the person who choose and mends his way according to Quran and Hadith is the real Believer.
    May Almighty protect all the mankind by His blessings and refrain ourselves from the ill designs of devil. Aameen.

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