Microscopic captures – Part1


An year back I added a microscope to my collection of gadgets, however, didn’t get much time and interest to play around with it. Finally, I got some time to experiment and I must admit, I am falling in love with microscopic world. Here are some microscopic shots, will be sharing more in future posts.


Fig: Mosquito head: The dots are the eyes of mosquito.


Fig: Feature of the mosquito.


Fig: 40x Close-up of Cotton


Fig: Plant Cells


Fig: Plant cells. The odd cell in the middle could either be a parasite or a starch cell.


Fig: Skin cells: I distinctly remember drawing this diagram back in school.


Fig: Stem Cells of a plant


34 thoughts on “Microscopic captures – Part1

  1. Thanks for posting these, this makes the biology fan coo songs of excitement! I’m definitely going to subscribe. Feel free to check out my blog as well!

    Can’t wait to see more!


  2. I have an broad interest in imaging , but this I never did . Last week I saw a little microscope attached with an webcam like device , but the price was very low , so I was really thinking about the quality of the optics , so I didn’t buy it . But looking at these pictures I want to do the same , beautiful !

  3. Fun! I used to love playing around with a microscope when my kids were still being home schooled. It was especially fun, and a little creepy, to look upclose at spiders *shivers*.

    Congratulations being Freshly Pressed!

  4. Those are interesting images. My mum did similar work with mosquitoes because she studied entomology and worked at a medical research institute. I remember her having a collection of different species of mosquitoes that she had stuck on pins. Is it through a macro lens that these images have been taken?


    GOOD PICTURES or PHOTOS , what you prefer to call them – I call it ART !
    Im also a colledge graduate in the field of chemistry and one of the first
    electron-microscopy pictures I saw , were the pictures of a common fad.
    That made me think, but these days the microscopes are much better and
    more evolved, so the scientists can see pictures of biological cells and so on.
    Thank you for sharing , hope to see more posts ………………………………

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