Bronchioles in Human Lungs–Microscopic Captures


Bronchioles: We all know that, when we breath, the air goes to our lungs and from thereon the oxygen from the air is extracted and carbon-dioxide is released. However, contrary to common perception, air (which we have inhaled) is not passed to lungs via a large pipe. When we inhale, the air goes inside via Trachea, which is generally 4-5 inches long. Subsequently, the trachea merges into bronchi pipes or Bronchus. The bronchus branches get diverged into smaller tubes, where each tube is referred as Bronchioles. There are millions of such Bronchioles in each Human Lung.

This below microscopic capture is the cross-sectional view of a Bronchioles.





PS: The above shots were captured by my sister (Ayesha Batul), who is currently doing Pharmaceutical Engineering. I have been pressing her to start a blog, however, she doesn’t listen to me. 


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